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Partnership with OEMs

Strong and long-term business relationship with IT industry's major players, such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Hitachi, Lenovo, etc., has made OEM Solution Center to be the leader in logistic supply service of electronics, especially in the following categories: CPUs, motherboards, memories, power supplies, and propriety OEM service and repair parts.

Programs with Major OEMs

With years experience, OEM Solution Center understands well on product features, life cycle, current and future supplies and demands, market pricing, and potential fluctuations. Through its world-wide vendor network, OEM Solution Center is able to timely source components and finished products without upsetting customers' delicate balances and schedules. Always providing high-level services with valuable expertise are what OEM Solution Center differentiates it from others.

To further support our customers, OEM solution center has created a valuable program, Zero Inventory Program, which includes sourcing strategy, forecasting, improved pricing strategy, on-site warehousing, and, fulfillment etc.